She was sentenced in May to four years in prison

Mistress Gets Nearly 6 Years In Prison

Before he was sentenced to nearly six years in federal prison Tuesday for embezzling $1.7 million from his employer to pay for the luxury lifestyle he lived with his wife and fake designer bags an overseas mistress, Kevin Coleman addressed his victims in court.

“I am extremely sorry and remorseful for what I’ve done and the lives I’ve affected. District Court.

“As CEO, you had to know the impact your crime would have on the company and the people employed there,” the judge said. “You didn’t slow down. You seemed to have no limit on what you were willing to steal and spend.”

Underhill gestured to the two dozen Latex International employees and former employees in the courtroom gallery and said: “They lost their jobs. They lost their security. This is not a crime mitigated by drugs and alcohol. I think it needs to be punished severely.”

Then Underhill sentenced Coleman high quality replica handbags china to 70 months in prison on wire fraud and 60 months on tax evasion, with the sentences to run concurrently. Coleman, of Waseca, Minn., pleaded guilty in February to the charges. If he had been convicted at trial, he would have faced a maximum of 25 years in prison. Attorney Eric J. Glover argued that Coleman should be sent to prison for substantially longer than replica louis vuitton bags four years, in addition to repaying about $1.7 million to Latex 1:1 replica handbags and paying $1.3 million more to the IRS for failing to pay taxes on both his six figure salary and the money he stole.

“It’s truly appalling what he did,” Glover told Underhill as several of the Latex employees and former employees in the gallery nodded. Glover said he thought about how audacious the crimes were when he noticed a woman who regularly cleans the courthouse.

“I thought about what she makes every year, what she works for, and then I replica louis vuitton bags from china started thinking about Mr. Coleman and how grotesque his crimes were,” Glover cheap louis vuitton bags from china said.

Glover recounted Coleman’s big spending ways, Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags saying he stole company money to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry for his wife, his mistress in London and himself, as well as buying a Mercedes convertible for the mistress.

Coleman also used Latex money to buy a $56,900 emerald cut diamond for a ring for himself. He shopped for goods from upscale designers and stores like Frontgate, Bulgari, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom. He flew his wife and daughters all over the world on the company’s dime.

“It’s just so shocking what he did,” Glover said.

Coleman’s lawyer, Robert M. Frost Jr., argued cheap replica handbags for leniency for Coleman, saying Coleman has already replica designer handbags been punished for his crimes because of the way his life has fallen apart.

“And there will continue to be punishment,” Frost said, aaa replica designer handbags referring to the widespread publicity the case has received. He said Coleman’s wife divorced him and he lost his job and will likely struggle to find a new one once he is out of prison. Even Coleman’s girlfriend has left him and he is about to lose his home in Minnesota.

He said Coleman was abused by his stepfather as a child and struggled since he was a teen with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

“Mr. Coleman had been rambling down the tracks out of control for some time,” Frost said. He said Coleman has worked to become sober and has been now for six months, the longest period of sobriety since Coleman was a teen.

Frost said the government “unfairly dismissed” Coleman’s background, something Frost said needed to be considered at sentencing.

“We need to look at the person,” Frost said, arguing for a sentence of no more than four years. Frost said Coleman was in the process of filing his taxes and an accountant had filed extensions for him but his “tax obligations took a back seat” when drugs and alcohol took hold of him.

Underhill cheap replica handbags , however, said he didn’t see “how drugs and alcohol prevented” Coleman from understanding what he did was wrong. Underhill also said he was concerned about criminal charges Coleman once faced for embezzling money from another employer. The charges were later dropped.

Underhill said that was unfortunate.

“You needed to get caught and punished early on,” Underhill said. He said the lack of prosecution in that case “probably emboldened” Coleman to steal from an replica louis vuitton employer again.

David Fisher dolabuy , the current CEO of Latex, was the only company representative to speak during Tuesday’s hearing. He told the judge it was more difficult for him to speak at Coleman’s sentencing than at a recent court hearing for Joanne Osmolik, the company’s former vice president of human resources.

Osmolik, 57, pleaded guilty to stealing $1.7 million and using much of it to buy Vermont real estate, four snowmobiles fake designer bags , six motorcycles, jewelry and home furnishings. She was sentenced in May to four years in prison. Both Coleman and Osmolik, prosecutors said, hid their purchases, using company credit cards and bogus accounting, and destroying financial records.

“I considered him a friend, and his actions really broke that trust and friendship,” Fisher said of Coleman. Fisher scoffed at Coleman’s plea for leniency based on the fact that he has lost his job and no longer lives a lavish lifestyle.

Prosecutors have said that Coleman’s thefts from the company resulted in 43 layoffs and the company temporarily shut down a factory, lost sales, closed a plant in England and suspended an employee savings plan in an effort to survive.

According to a company news release, Latex International, founded in 1975, is the world’s largest manufacturer of latex mattresses and pillows. More than 200 employees produce mattress and pillow parts in plants in Shelton and in Wichita Falls, Texas.

“We have really, really struggled,” Fisher said. “We’re expected to feel sorry for Mr. Coleman? I don’t think so.”

Prosecutors said Coleman and Osmolik embezzled a total of $3.4 million from October 2008 to November 2010.

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